The menu is varied

The menu is varied. But arriving at Mali, having to order the signature menu Pork Satay + Grandma's 
recipe Roti. Pork is very tender. Eaten with dipping sauce as the palace recipe is not too sweet 
More delicious Eaten together with water, Arad, which is sweet and hot Roti, making this menu go 
well together Good taste, smooth, mellow tongue. Pork Satay is the most delicious since I've 
eaten in many stores.



Another signature menu, Grandma's rice. Beautiful purple jasmine rice cooked with butterfly pea water. 
Rice is very soft, mixed with mackerel, cooked just right. Eaten with vegetables, side dishes and fish 
sauce peppers May look like a normal menu But the taste is very delicious is another menu that should not be missed



Shrimp in Wasabi Fish Sauce Semi-spicy, semi-healthy menu Because the shop uses hydroponic lettuce and special sauce that goes well together



Ban Mali curry The specialty of this menu is Has the aroma of curry paste and shrimp paste The broth that is cooked will not be too thick. The vegetables that are boiled in the pot are cooked and tender but not decomposed, which is another popular menu of the restaurant. Sizzling hot curry, very throaty