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Ladprao, the prominent area in the city of Krung That everyone knows And if mentioning the prominent zones in Lat Phrao and nearby areas, Wang Hin Chok Chai 4, Lat Phrao 71, Nakniwat Soi Lat Phrao 101, Soi Lat Phrao 15-18, and nearby areas like Ratchadaphisek along the expressway, which is full of great restaurants and hidden treasures. Being bored in the city, driving to another province Try hovering to Ladprao, stop by, eat comfortably and have guaranteed the results.


Mali house

Start at first at noon The army must march on its stomach. Have lunch at Baan Mali, restaurants and cafes. In a white wooden house in the 90s In Soi Lat Phrao 15 that serves food by the mother The menu includes both traditional Thai recipes as well as Western-style dishes. That select good quality raw materials As for the taste of the food, it is said to be delicious until having to lift a finger. There is also a cafe zone serving beverages, desserts and bakery items in one place, full of savory and sweet.


The shop is located in Soi Lat Phrao 15 in the same area as the Apple Place apartment. The shop is not 
very wide. There is enough parking space in one level. The shop is a two-story wooden house, clean white, 
warm atmosphere. The front seat zone is a zone of a coffee shop. Is a glass room with natural light passing 
through Most of the seats in this zone are popular with customers.