Bangpoo Recreation Center

Vacation destinations One of the famous places in Samut Prakan Is a tourist and leisure destination that has been very popular There are many seafood restaurants. In addition, Bangpoo is considered one of the famous birdwatching destinations in Thailand. Especially seagulls that migrated in the winter from Siberia November – January of each year, with no fewer than 5,000 in each year, including one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints.


For traveling to see the birds at Bang Pu, it is recommended to arrive around 4 o'clock in the evening. Because the sun is not very 
hot The light began to weaken And will be able to see the atmosphere of the sunset and colorful twilight as well Upon arrival, 
there will be ample parking spaces. You can park your car straight away. Free parking on weekends and holidays. If arriving late, 
the car park may fill up quickly. But if arriving around four o'clock Considered good Still have room Arrive and walk inside Bang Pu, 
a long paved bridge Overlooks the sea flanked

With seagulls flying all along In the end there is a restaurant building at a reasonable price. The time when there are birds to watch the tourists will be a lot better than usual, walking together in full area. Must try to find the area to be inserted in the shooting



At the front of the walkway there is a crout, which is a bird food. Sold at 20 baht per bag will get a shot. 
Requires a little patience Must keep his hands immersed while waiting for the birds to hover Which sometimes 
is quite long enough Some people pour food into their hands in the air, waiting for the birds to hover. When 
the birds hover over their food as if they were winning Mission Complete But have to anticipate the image 
again to see if the image is pleasant and clear



Have a shot to feed the birds and then have to have a beautiful shot held among the masses of birds Waiting for the rhythm of the bird to fly

ack and forth and press repeatedly as usual. In the evening the wind blows cool. Hear excited laughter When birds come to hover food at hand It’s a fun atmosphere.



Another beautiful atmosphere of Bangpoo is when the sun goes down. With a heart shaped lace around the sea With 
pictures of birds flying in the sun It's a warm and beautiful picture.



This holiday visit Samut Prakan Stop by a beautiful historical site, visit Bang Pu and see flocks of flying birds near the city.