Month: January 2020


The menu is varied

The menu is varied. But arriving at Mali, having to order the signature menu Pork Satay + Grandma’s recipe Roti. Pork is very tender. Eaten with dipping sauce as the palace recipe is not too sweet More delicious Eaten together with water, Arad, which is sweet and hot Roti, making this menu go well together …


Search for tourist information 1 free day, invite to … Ladprao

Ladprao, the prominent area in the city of Krung That everyone knows And if mentioning the prominent zones in Lat Phrao and nearby areas, Wang Hin Chok Chai 4, Lat Phrao 71, Nakniwat Soi Lat Phrao 101, Soi Lat Phrao 15-18, and nearby areas like Ratchadaphisek along the expressway, which is full of great restaurants …


Bangpoo Recreation Center

Vacation destinations One of the famous places in Samut Prakan Is a tourist and leisure destination that has been very popular There are many seafood restaurants. In addition, Bangpoo is considered one of the famous birdwatching destinations in Thailand. Especially seagulls that migrated in the winter from Siberia November – January of each year, with …