Bang Saen

Still a classic tourist attraction forever If thinking, just want to listen to the sound of waves, look at the sea, take the children to walk on the sand Does not emphasize that the sea must be clear and beautiful There are delicious fresh seafood to eat. In addition, sitting in a chic cafe, taking some chic photos of Bangsaen’s name can still answer this problem. Will go on a day trip Or even staying overnight is better because you can stop by to eat Fully Ready and you can start to start.เที่ยวบางแสน-2-วัน-1-คืนRose apple kitchen
The first destination. The stomach must be full before traveling. We headed to the stone basin. Which is the source of many seafood restaurants that are lined up Seaside stone basin Like any store, can walk to sit and eat Which if it’s a shop that has been around for a long time There are a lot of reviews. There are a lot of people, you might have to wait in the queue. Coming to this stone basin this time Therefore, try to change to a restaurant that may not be in the very review of the Kru Chomphu, a delicious seafood restaurant with good views.