The blue pond is located in Nong Pling Subdistrict

The blue pond is located in Nong Pling Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kamphaeng Phet Province. It is a large gravel soil pond. The water in the pond is turquoise, which is as beautiful as the sea. Transformed into a water source with good atmosphere, beautiful view Create excitement To the spectators Makes it possible to take pictures and share images on social media Until causing tourists Travel to come to take pictures continuously

The blue pond is not far from Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park. Travel is recommended to set google maps that Wat Sri Yothin do not say that the Emerald Pool Or the blue pond Because there may be different coordinates After that, drive past Wat Si Yothin about 300 meters and you will see Soi 8, turn into The entire path in the alley is a dirt road. Keep driving straight At the intersection, turn left. This path looks a little immense. Feel like you’re lost. No one will ask anyone to ask. But do not panic Drive straight to the end of the road Will start to see the characteristics of the pond Confessed that at first he was slightly shocked The atmosphere looked quiet and lonely. The forest was in my heart. I didn’t see anything.

But after driving for a bit to the end of the road Found this picture to wow, it is really beautiful for the area of ​​the well. Is a pond that, in the past, had been excavated and sold to the ground to form a large pond And there are many laterite wells which only one beautiful pond which is the first The pond has shelters that have been abandoned. As for the turquoise water, it is believed that it was caused by the rain that washed away many minerals in the soil. Causing the water to change color according to the mineral type until the color becomes more beautiful Villagers say it is an old gravel pond that has been left for decades. And do not know the exact owner I heard from the academics that the water is highly acidic and should not be used for swimming. Another thing is that the water is quite deep and cold, may be a drown cramp Therefore, if traveling, would like to come to take a photo to experience the atmosphere around the pond would be better Since it has not yet been developed into a serious tourist destination Because it is a private area

The beauty of the pond with gradual watercolor Beginning with the shallowest part, clear blue and emerald green, with a white sandy bottom. As for the deep water, it will be dark blue and can not see the sand. Very similar to the sea The white sand area has some green trees growing. Helps to add some freshness