9 points to visit Chiang Mai in 1 day

Chiang Mai has many attractions. Arrive in Chiang Mai to relax in downtown. And around the city to get back to the morning. Where are we going? In the big city, it is a temple, a restaurant, a coffee shop, but if you go out of town, a little natural. Have a vacation to visit together with the attractions to offer to adjust the ritual as you like.

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City Tour

1. Nimmanhemin Road
If you talk about the famous hippie city of Chiang Mai, no one will not know. Nimmanhemin Road The shopping and entertainment streets are full of shops, cafes, restaurants and cafes characterized by architectural and creative ideas. To update the modern. Do not miss this hippopotamus. It is recommended that at noon onwards, because most of the restaurants will start to bustle and gradually open at this time.

2. Wat Ket district
Wat Gate is located on Charoen Rat Road or Wat Ket Road, next to Ping River, opposite Warorot Market or Kad Luang. It is a residential area. And the cultural district of Chiang Mai. It is a long way to live in Chiang Mai. The old fashioned commercial district. With its magnificent architecture and historic buildings, these two lush elephant streets Some have been renovated to be a restaurant, hotel, hotel is another interesting stop in Chiang Mai. Filled with restaurants, cafes, seating.

3. Doi Suthep
Located just 6 kilometers from Chiang Mai city, Doi Suthep is a landmark of the new Chinatown. The site of Wat Doi Suthep. The Sacred Neighborhood of Chiang Mai And royal palace Bhuping Palace. Her Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s visit in the winter Around the royal palace is planted various kinds of flowers. Beautifully It is open to the public to visit the palace. There are also Hmong house, Doi Pui. Hmong hill tribe village The culture is interesting, including souvenir shops. To the tourists

4. Srisuphan Temple
Sri Suphan is located on Wua Lai Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai. The temple has a history of construction since the past 500 years in the reign of King Naresuan. King Chiang Mai And good luck His Majesty the Queen Maha Vajiralongkorn graciously called Luang Prabang. Create a Temple “Sri Srisuksa Monastery” later called “Wat Srisuphan” within the temple has the world’s first money. The villagers join the silverware community Wua Lai. The silver handicraft community of Chiang Mai.

5. Phra Singh Temple
Wat Phra Singh or full name. Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan It is one of the most important temples in Chiang Mai. Wat Phra Singh (Phra Buddha Sihong), the holy image of Chiang Mai and Lanna. Buddha is Chiang Saen art. Wat Phra Singh has a beautiful Lanna architecture. Famous names. It is the heart of the Chiang Mai people who give faith and will come to respect. Pay homage to each other.

6. Chedi Luang Temple
Wat Chedi Luang An ancient temple in Chiang Mai. An ancient royal monastery. There are many renovations. Especially the pagoda. At present, the width of each side is 60 meters, one of the most important pagoda in Chiang Mai. Wat Chedi Luang is built in the heart of Chiang Mai. Originally considered as the administrative center of the Lanna Kingdom within the temple, there are interesting things such as the Luang Chedi Luang, Int.

7. Wat Chiangmai
Wat Chiangmai, one of the religious places. That is important for the Chiang Mai. The old temple In the city of Chiang Mai This temple is enshrined of the important Buddha of Chiang Mai, namely, the Sutangmanee or the White Buddha. The worship of the people of Chiang Mai. Wat Chiangmai is a major architectural style, including a square pagoda, a roundabout, a basilica, and a tower.

8. Tunnels
The tunnel temple is another ancient temple of Chiang Mai. It is a bureau of Dhamma in the midst of a forest of tranquil atmosphere. The interesting point is the small tunnel inside the temple. The pathway is connected. The tunnels used to have ancient murals. The tunnel is the oldest pagoda of Lanna. Archaeologists have assumed that it was built around the early 20th century as a bell-shaped pagoda. There are about 3 layers of spherical layers nestled together.

9. House project beside the temple.
House Project Located in Soi Wat Umong. It is a community-style mall. Under the design of living surrounded by nature. Contemporary atmosphere mixed with contemporary contemporary. Inside the project beside the temple and nearby. There are a whole lot of shops. Many restaurants, cafes, coffee shop, coffee shop, read books, photography, chic.