6 reasons for anyone Would like to visit Cebu, Philippines

6 เหตุผลที่ใครๆ ก็อยากไปเที่ยว เซบู ฟิลิปปินส์

If talking about Cebu Island, Philippines is another good location to visit. Like all 
travel bloggers around the world Philippines Tour Shoot under the water with whale sharks 
and get a lot of reviews !! With the beauty of nature, sea and many activities That makes
many People fall in love here. Who is looking for a new trip? And wondering what is good 
about Cebu Island in the Philippines? Today Mushroom Travel has the answer.

1. Ko Aey Talay Aye is good
It is the first reason to tell the story, because Cebu, Philippines, a province in Kit 
Nang Kibiya Saya, There is a beautiful sea! The crystal clear waters intersect with the 
blue sky. Clean white sand beach It is the view that has the most relaxing atmosphere. 
Who has visited the Philippines? I love Cebu at first sight.
2. Swim with the cool whale shark
he highlight of Cebu Philippines tourism is swimming with a giant whale shark. With a 
beautiful picture collection With our whale sharks while under water Said that it was a 
pleasant experience to experience on your own once By going to swim with whale sharks, 
there are 2 types of diving:

- Diving, snorkeling, snorkeling or diving on the water surface Breathe through the 
snorkel pipe.

- Scuba Diving or Scuba Diving It's a swim that we can see whale sharks closely. Type of 
swimming beside Ever
3. Communicate with local people easily, practice language!3-9-768x511

Because 80% of the people here are on fireproof !! Therefore do not have to worry 
about where to go and will ask the way Or ask for help from local people and don't 
know about And also practice language Along with the exchange of culture Experience 
a different perspective Conclude both fun and practicing new experiences Say that it's 
worth it!

4. Diet (something) similar to our home

Philippines Tour You don't have to worry about food. Because some food is a menu 
like our home and delicious too The recommended food to try is Lechon, a grilled 
pork roast, similar to our home pig. There is a lot to eat. Where to find it is not 
difficult to find. Introducing the famous Sabroso Lechon, the most delicious. And 
there are many delicious menus

5. There are many activities on Cebu Island.

Who likes to travel in style? Or there are more challenging activities than sleeping 
in Cebu. There are many fun activities, including hiking, climbing, traveling in the 
morning and evening. Popular coordinates are Kan-Irag mountain or can go diving. 
And there are also many beautiful waterfalls such as Kawasan Water Falls, Aguinid 
Water Falls, Tumalog Water Falls, Dao Water Falls, including Bugasok Water Falls, 
which is all that is as beautiful as a dream.

6. Easy to travel
Suitable for people who do not like to travel long distances, take a long time, 
do not have to be difficult or time consuming to change the plane because there is a 
direct file After reaching Cebu Island, you can continue to travel. Do not forget to 
prepare bikini to wear water. Take a picture with the sea view Create a beautiful 
post. Wait.

7. Visiting the Philippines. Costs are not expensive. Plus free visa!

Closed to the point that it is the most advantage and convenience of going to the Philippines 
That is Thai people like us can travel up to 30 days without a visa. The tour fee, travel 
cost, living cost are not expensive. The food price is around 60 - 90 baht per meal. It is 
both economical and convenient.
Saying that traveling here is really good. Who is looking for a holiday destination for 
the Cebu Island of the Philippines is quite interesting. Follow the reviews of beautiful 
tours that can be found in Cebu, Philippines. And you will fall in love !!



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