Luxury yacht cruising. Play Fly Dive. It’s the best experience in Pattaya

Will take you to open a new perspective on Pattaya tourism Which is suitable 
for a group of tourists who want to experience luxury travel at a tangible price 
With a yacht cruise, explore the sea of ​​Pattaya in a corner you've never seen before!


By traveling on this yacht, we started at Ocean Marina, the largest yacht harbor 
in Pattaya. By using the Blue Voyage yacht tour service, a tour operator with 
leading yachts in Thailand










The main highlight is the "Yacht Toy" or the beach water park that is filled 
with many water players. The players in this yacht are very new and interesting. 
Whether jet ski And a highlight player like Fly Dive. If anyone doesn't know that Fly Dive
What is that? Imagine Ironman. But turning from the ironman's foot light into a water power 
that will compress us to float up in the air To play Fly Dive can be played by everyone, 
even if they have never played before. I would like to say that it is fun, exciting 
and an exotic experience that should not be missed.


More information
For yacht cruise packages Will be a half day morning package Or half a day,
afternoon There are cruise routes starting from Ocean Marina Pier, 
Pattaya-Duck Island - Blue Voyage Yacht Toy Park. The package price starts 
from 25,550 baht / 10 persons. Special for the first 1,500 tourists only. 
Will receive a special menu supplement