Semuc Champey, Guatemala Tour # 1
Sitting on the mirador looking semuc champey
Semuc Champey is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guatemala and one of the most famous cities in Central America. No doubt I’m interested in visiting the famous natural phenomenon while I’m in Guatemala, so I went.

The Semuc Champey site is located near the small town of Lanquin, one of the most inconvenient locations in Guatemala. As the INGUAT shuttle runs between Lanquin and various locations, you can expect between 8-15 hours to get to and from this wildlife spot. This is not because of the great distance. But since the road is BRUTAL way and the shuttle all departs at 8:00 AM and no other time. If you do the math, leaving Lanquin at 8:00 am will take you to Guatemala City at 4pm, which is a rush hour. You guessed it … hours of traffic. Transportation in Guatemala can cause headaches. But if you know how you can handle it, here is what I do. However, go to Lanquin and spend a few days near the Semuc Champey in my eyes worth it if you have the time and patience it is so cool.

Semuc Champey from appearance

Our tour took us to our dorm at 8:00 am in the morning. We climbed to the back of the truck and traveled to the river area, where there was a large cave system for us to explore. Before going to Semuc Champey, sitting on the back of the truck to the cave felt as though it lasted for a long time. Hours due to the harsh road conditions and severe weather shortages. It may take 30-40 minutes, but it feels like an hour. Since the roads in Lanquin and the area are really bad, it may take an hour or so to drive. When you walk into the cave, be prepared to be thrown around uncontrollably between the metal doors of the pickup truck. It causes bruises and wounds.

Down Town of Guatemala lanquin

Guilty, I’m guilty of believing that the cave is the best part of the tour. Sorry, Semuc, but really disappointing. When we reach the cave, we get a long, thin white candle. When you walk through the cave system one kilometer, you will have to sacrifice a pair of shoes here while walking in empty caves.

The cave is large, open and dark, there is water somewhere between the waist deep and swimmable. When you walk / swim deep into the cave, hold your candles out of the water trying hard not to slip on a bad base. As a result, the flameless candles you start wondering how long the cave goes. With our candles we climb up and down the little stairs to help explore the snakes, as well as the pursuit of the cave. I will not lie at first, I feel a little anxious in deep dark caves. But when I relaxed, I got more fun swimming and splashed my way through these secret tunnels.

Standing in front of a cave in semuc tour champey

Finally, we came to the waterfall. I asked my advice if we could climb up … he could not speak but he took us underneath step by step and up the stairs to the next section. When we reached the end of our trip about 1 kilometer, our guide said we could climb the cave walls and jump into the volcanic pits by 3 meters. OK, many of us did not do this … but I understand. I wanted to climb up the wall with him, saying that if I jumped in the middle, I would be fine … and I, even if the candle I did not do I forgot the candle and went back to the outside world.

Special Services
After leaving the cave, we had the opportunity to swim in Rio Cabahon. There is a giant swing along the river where you can sit and swing to the river, jumping down at the top of your swing, splashing into the water below. This is what to do. You have to jump out of the swing for the first time, or else you will be injured. Guatemalan security

Swim into the river at semuc tour champey.

After enjoying the swing, we moved to a bridge that stood about 5 meters above the water as you could guess. But for a cross drive But also for jumping from To be fair, I found it pretty fun. But then again I suck for height.

Semuc Champey
Finally, the star of the show, the reason for making this unreasonable trip to Lanquin is time to visit the amazing nature of Semuc Champey. We jumped into the back of our reliable truck, and 20 minutes later we Come to the park entrance.

Sitting on the mirador looking semuc champey

The first thing is the first mirador, we must see the greatness of Sem.