Take a boat to San Marcos la laguna at Lake Atitlan.
It has been announced that Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three volcanic mountains with four volcanoes in the distance, one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Lake Atitlan has been a memorable place for many years to come. Wild volcanoes, volcanic mountains and endless lake fog. I know that visiting Lake Atitlan must be part of my adventure in Guatemala. I mean, this is one of the 6 cities you should visit in Guatemala. It’s very popular in the media and through the words of the trip, so I obviously have to go there.

Walk down from the winding wharf of the atitlan lake.

The question posed when planning a trip to Lake Atitlan is where you are. Does not seem to The “general tourist spot” that everyone travels to. But instead of the Mayan city of 11 cities, how would you choose the right city? Where did everyone go? What is the purpose of travel? What are you doing here? Just thinking of the mysterious Lake Atitlan, I find myself in crisis. Who am I? Do not tease for a short time.

Panajachel – Shuttle to the largest city on the lake with most hotels and most people is a great place to find a tour company wherever you want. Many people sell knick-knacks the fastest way. In the lake entrance do not need a good night life boat, the best sun, the city lives normally in the lake, foreign center loud, low pollution backpack.

Stay at the Rancho Grande Inn Panajachel

San Pedro – Party Central Many nightlife, boat ride in and out, 45 minutes to road, hotel and hostels for parties, restaurants, lakes, ATMs, lots of people busy. Backpackers Backpackers Schwarzenegger Noisy western food is not a cultural drug too.

Stay at the Y Restaurant Mikaso in San Pedro la Laguna.

Santa Cruz – a city filled with foreign spirituality, hotels and dormitories, a tranquil lifestyle, small city attractions, beautiful Mayan cities, hiking trails and many walking trails. Dive site from the boat entrance only, no ATMs, no restaurants, no nightlife.

Stay at Hotel & Restaurant Arca de Noé

Jaibalito – A very small village, if not the smallest, most Mayan people. There are two hotels and an amazing lake-side hostel with a hot tub and a peaceful village pool. Packed with stray dogs watching good volcanoes, cheap food, relaxed, casual, boat access only, no ATMs.

Stay at the Casa y Café del Mundo in Jaibalito.

San Marcos la Laguna – full of hippie, new yoga, reggae, hippie massage, all excellent restaurants, great cafés and teas, 8 meter high cliffs of Lake Atitlan. Cars that focus on health, access only ships, ATMs too coarse to use drugs, a relaxed lifestyle.

Stay here at Lush Atitlan in San Marcos la Laguna.

General port at Lake Atitlan

My experience
By choosing another city, I decided to travel with San Marco of San Lazzaro, partly because of this beautiful hotel, Lush, and partly because I like the casual lifestyle.

It takes about 40 minutes to reach San Marcos la Laguna from the ferry terminal at Panajachel and costs 25 GTQ. When we reach San Marcos Pier, I find the chaos as it seems to be. have Clearly stated “Where to go?” For gringos, just dirty paths and walls surround in the building.
Bad trails in San Marcos la laguna lake atitlan

Finally, I saw the sign “Lush”. The hotel I was here pointed to the dirt path that covered the plants. I walked along the corridor with one high stone wall and thick bushes on the other until I found the entrance to my hotel.

When checking in one of the hotels instagrammable The most I’ve seen it was explained to me here in San Marcos, how to move between locations, having to walk across the pavement on a motorable road, cool operable well I can get with no car no problem. I head to the main street in the following city, change the road sign on the sidewalk until I find a path with a little rock. Must be this

Lake Shore Course of San Marcos atitlan

I found a rocky road and met with surprise! Many foreigners, some tourists and some parts of Guatemala and Mayan. There are shops, gift shops, restaurants, cafes, orchards and everything else you need. A pleasant way