Ruins of the Mayan are encouraged to walk up.
Enjoy the view of the main plaza in the tikal.
Visiting the ancient city of Tikal Ruins in Guatemala is always on my bucket list. Among other things … including famous sites like Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza, I would like to explore the ancient ruins of the Tikal Ruins to climb the pyramids and imagine as if I was there at a height of importance. Over the years, I’ve been looking for pictures of the ruins of Tikal on social media just waiting to be time to visit. The best is coming, and the ruins are as scary as I hoped.

Stand on the pyramid of the tikal ruins.

Tikal National Park is surrounded by 756 km2 of forest in Guatemala and about 3,000 ruined structures are discovered. The main city of Tikal’s ruins covers an area of ​​about 16km2. The ruins of Tikal formed part of the one million hectare biosphere reserve, 1990 is the first place of UNSECO in the United States with both natural and archaeological certifications. It is necessary in Guatemala.

Explore and experience the ruins of Tikal.

The history of Tikal is colorful, and like the Mayan people, is a little mysterious. Archaeologists expect the Maya to settle in Tikal around 900 BC. Tikal is a major cultural and commercial center for the Mayan people and has become the world’s greatest Maya, with a population of over 100,000. With the mystery, the city and the Mayan empire collapsed, and the great city of Tikal was overwhelmed by lush jungle. Not even Cortez was able to discover it.

Okay, that’s history, so let’s talk about my experience.

My experience
I came to Tikal ruins the night before my trip. I stayed at the Jungle Lodge. The lovely place is located only 1 kilometer from the ruins. Staying at the hotel on the site means that I can wake up at 3:30 in the morning and 4:00 in the sun. Flores will begin soon 2:00 am and No one wants At first I moved up. Obviously, tickets to the ruins have to be bought in the bank in Santa Elena and not the actual site … weird, right? I think like that Fortunately, our hotels help distribute ticket issues through the dance of the shuttle.

Relax at the Wild Loft Hotel, Tikal Hotel

4:00 PM Sunrise Tour
3:30 am We had a great stay at the Jungle Lodge. They know where they are in the dark. But I do not know where we are. But I know we’re headed for the highest structure to see the sunrise. Throughout our path, Tony sometimes stops to explain what we are referring to, such as city walls and structures that look giant. He took us with a variety of carved stones and by shining a light on its edges, we were able to see significant carvings in the dark. This is a direct result of light coming from a source rather than a global source of light, as it is a source of specific sunlight. Tony uses these engravings to help explain the history of Tikal in some interactive ways. With flashlight haunting

Tikal from Sunrise Tour

The forest is quiet as we head toward the end of the park and go to the highest pyramid. Tony takes us to the stairs, where we will climb to the sunrise from one of the temples. Go up and up until we reach the top of the ancient Mayan structure. Not many people on this tour, so we can sit on the edge of the pyramid among the few and wait quietly for the forest to wake up. Wake is a great experience that I have never been to as a traveler. It’s a very special time to watch the lively world at night. As the sun rises, monkeys begin to whistle, birds begin to sing, and beetles begin to sing. It was a cloudy morning, so the sun was blocked by fog in the jungle. But this does not diminish from experience. It is possible to increase by emphasizing the mystery of the Mayan. As it was lighter, I was able to see 2 … 3 … .4 other pyramids emerging from the forest roof. The view I will never forget

Tour of tikal with tony ortiz

Next we headed down the pyramid where Tony led us to an area where archaeologists still work hard today. He gave an interesting description of the UNESCO rules, explained to us how they chose to restore some areas, and why they felt they should be rebuilt in some form.