Guide to Columbia

Nothing but the hype surrounding Colombia is a tourist attraction today; With its colorful soul, dance people and distinctive terrain, it is no wonder that it is a tourist paradise. Take a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of the innovative cities of Medellin and Bogota. My heart tends to be more rural, especially with a small town called Salento.

Candle Valley Cocoa
Salento Colombia is located in the heart of the coffee district. Everything you see in Salento is lush and full of growth. Salento is a quiet little town … you know there’s a hammock in the breeze and reggae music playing side by side. After all, it’s no surprise that backpackers love this place. Here you come relax, enjoy nature, stroll, sip coffee and enjoy the culture of Colombia and the Cowboy. The peaceful, safe and relaxing atmosphere of Salento makes it an attractive destination for travelers.

What to do in Salento Colombia
A walk in the Valle de Cocora
Trekking in the cocora valley, the distinctive cocora valley

Coca Cola is one of the main reasons for the Colombian people who travel to the valley. Candle Palm not only The highest palm tree in the world, about 60 meters high, is Colombia’s national tree. Salento is a 20-minute “willie” jeep from the city center to Valle de Cocora. Take a 12-km hike that ends in a canyon or a mile To the area where the palm trees. A very beautiful hike shows you one of the most popular hiking trails. It is shockingly green in all directions and on a sunny day can not win. The pilgrimage has a vertical profit of about 1 km, so while the challenge is suitable for all age groups. The peak is the peak of the coffee point, which overlooks the beautiful scenery of the mountains surrounding the valley. If you are interested in hummingbirds, there is a holy place of Hummingbird that you can visit on this route. You can also drink or have coffee if you want to relax. Good Columbia has a very fertile ground and pastures soar through the coffee grounds. Walking to Ciudad Perdida in Santa Marta is another route, like Valle de Cocora, which you should add to your tank list.

Go ride!
Riding sallio colombia valle de cocora

Colombian culture There are many Colombian in South America and Colombia, celebrating these people they call ‘Vulcrocs’. You will notice them as soon as you arrive in the Colombian city of Salento, with a belt band and a cowboy hat. Horse riding is a way of life here. There are many horseback tours in Salento. Some tours take you to Finca’s coffee shop or through the Valle de Cocora, while other restaurants take you through the green mountains across the river to the beautiful waterfalls. If you feel better, ask for your Vaquero Circuits guide. It will take you to Kauffman’s finca followed by a waterfall visit and return to town. This tour can take up to 6 hours. By then you will feel comfortable with your horse, allowing you to ride higher, such as jogging (if needed). The best part is that it costs only $ 30.

Go to the cafe! Don Elias Finca
salento colombia coffe finca don Elias

Colombia is the world’s most recognized coffee maker in the city of Salento. You are thick. You can tour around Finca in the Salento area of ​​Colombia. I explore Don Elias Finca, which is a 40 minute walk from downtown. A 45-minute tour of English and Spanish farms shows that coffee beans are processed from seeds to berry and from green beans to roasted coffee beans. There are several types of fruits grown on farms as well, such as plantains and yucca for visitors to see. After completing the tour, they made coffee from peas processed on the farm. You can buy nuts if it matches your taste. This trip costs about 6,000 Colombian pesos, which is worth about $ 2.00. Do not want to walk up the hill back to town? Do not worry, they will call you jeep “willie”

Mirador Salento
salento colombia mirador look out

This staircase can be found at the end of the main street in town. You can climb up to the top to grab a good view of the popular city at sunset!

Playing tejo
cowboy cultu