GUATEMALA why should go to that!!

“Guatemala, are you really? It’s very dangerous, maybe you should choose another country. ”
Antigua Guatemala
It is this. ‘Guatemala, are you serious? Very dangerous, should you choose another country? “” Guatemala will you be robbed? “,” Guatemala ?! “Do not leave your hotel after 8pm! “” Guatemala! If you go there, you will definitely die! ”

Amazing people …
Almost 4 years ago I traveled to Latin America. Due to the rather precarious history, you can imagine that I received a lot of security warnings … especially women who traveled. I will ignore this popular idea. As passionate as I have become about this area of ​​the world, I refuse to pretend that this reputation does not exist. I would love nothing more than to help overcome it and rebuild it. But first of all to mention.

Guatemala of all the countries I enjoyed in Latin America, this one gave me safety concerns and comments, from “Beware” to “You must be dead,” I mean, never before. An overwhelming negative response about going somewhere. Like I was heading into El Chapo’s army when I was heading up some volcanoes and enjoying one of America’s largest attractions in America.

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They warned me about violence in sex trafficking, drug trafficking, minor crimes, kidnapping, and of course going off this … Murder, I was warned not to go out after 8pm, because that’s when all the bad things happen because someone wants to dance in Latin America … well, I’ll tell you who does … me! I was warned of highway theft! They say nothing is safe, there is no good travel mode, not even a tourist ferry of INGUAT. I hear the horror of the tourist shuttle being pulled off the highway in a neat manner, causing both theft and theft. rape I was told that if Acatenango trek alone to have a man on the path with the emperor awaiting to rob me … amidst the wealth of the tourist group? Maybe not a farmer who has a chance to go home from work or an illusion. Worry from people who never give a chance to Guatemala

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Let’s talk about my real experience.
Country; landscape; landscape; The environment in Guatemala is incredibly diverse, with only a short distance away. The warm colonial city of Antigua provides travelers with beautiful rocky streets, colorful buildings, restaurants, markets and entertainment. Night All this is surrounded by large volcanic eruptions throughout the day.

Watching volcano erupting volcanoes

Flores, Tikal and Lanquin are popular tourist spots in the hot jungle. It is filled with scary creatures such as scorpions and tarantulas. There are fantastic places to swim, such as Lake Peten and the famous spring pool of Semuc Champey. Guatemala has a long and unique history, along with magnificent ruins to prove.

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Lake Atitlan is a large, navigable lake surrounded by 15 navigable waterways. Every day here feels like a perfect spring with towering volcanoes to add to its charm. What about the volcano? They are easily accessible. But worth the hike Cold and windy, climbing feels like Canada on a winter day. They give a challenge. But also the view and I some skree to the anyways.

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They are wonderful, they are passionate, they are helpful, and they play an important role in making my experience as good as ever. I made a lot of Mayan friends and Guatemalan friends, it was so easy, they were open for me and excited to share their country with me. Some took me out at night to show me the best places to visit. They were satisfied. They always smiled and spoke English better than the Spanish. They make me happy Do I feel insecure with them? No, they really care about me, especially the driver. It’s a fantastic, small-scale affair McDonald’s can fry.

Look out at semuc champey with my advice.

So what about shipping? It’s very easy, the shuttle is plentiful and every hotel or hostel provides them. Nothing. You tell your hotel or any hotel for this, which you want to go, and they will give you the right time and place for the shuttle. The lifts leave all day so no doubt there will be a car to fit your schedule. You will also be in a van full of t