11 things you need to know about traveling in GUATEMALA

Tuk Tuk in Flores Guatemala
1. The shuttle is almost never on time.
Not really, not nearly, they are not exactly time. If they tell you they will pick you up at 8am, that means that sometimes between 8:00 and 9:00 you have to wait and be ready at all times. This is not trivial. But not terrible, they often come … just that own transport in the Guatemalan type of pace. Try not to get rattled when the shuttle does not come within 20 minutes. You probably did not miss and they did not forget you … They just worked in Guatemala.

Tuk Tuk driver in Guatemala

2. It takes longer than you say to get anywhere while traveling Guatemala.
When traveling to Guatemala, never look at the physical distance of any one to determine how long it takes to travel. 400 km does not mean 4 hours or means 6 … means 400 miles of Transportation in Guatemalan trouble hours? Transit in Guatemala has a limited departure time with road work and traffic safety, adding about 1 hour per every two hours. They tell you that it will take like 2 hours travel time should take. 3. Do math. To prepare

Waiting for the boat to come in Guatemala atitlan lake.

3. Depart from Lanquin and Semuc Champey to Antigua.
Poor sit, so deserve its own category. Let’s say you have traveled to Guatemala at this time. You brought the INGUAT plane from Antigua to Antigua to Lake Atitlan, and even from Flores to Lanquin. “Hey basket is not bad,” you thought while using the transport in Guatemala. “Everyone should be very scary” is not right! This is what you would expect until you get from Antigua to Lanquin or Lanquin to Antigua. This one trip alone is so scary that you forget every good trip you have had in Guatemala. Meaning 14 hours with meal breaks. 1 break 2 pee and nothing else be warned … I warn you lucky to travel to Semuc Champey to see the gems of Guatemala, it’s worth it.

Waiting for Tuk Tuk at Flores Guatemala

4. Packing Snack
Yes, buy your own snack … or buy it at your first snack shop. How long does the shuttle take and how long does it take? Imagine how confined the cramped baskets are when your stomach is confined by lack of food. At the first point, buy some snacks, cookies, chips, and maybe a drink to take with you. Remember, traveling in Guatemala can last up to 14 hours, with only a fraction of the food.

Motorcycle transport in Guatemala

5. Pee every opportunity you get.

Transportation in Guatemala via the shuttle will not be the same as buses, buses in other areas, no bathrooms on board, and the shuttle driver does not have to stop at any other bus station or place of departure. What I’m trying to tell you is … if they do not need pee, they see the reason to stop and sometimes they will not. So do yourself a favor. Whenever you get a chance to pee while traveling by shuttle, even if it’s the smallest bit a little … please do … please pee

Walk around Guatemala

6. If you have the opportunity to stop eating fast food
Sometimes the shuttle stops at Pollo Campero or McDonald’s. If you are lucky enough to have this wonderful treat, enjoy the food. Even if you are not hungry, you will not regret having a candy here, forcing it down, making it happen. Buy ice cream for extra calories and enjoy some food because you may not see it again until 9:00 am.

Waiting for the boat to leave the san marcos la laguna

8. Domestic Guatemala
You can fly to Flores to do it.

Fly from Guatemala to Flores.

9. If you dare enough to go to the chicken bus … it will take you longer than you want.
Ahhh, the famous Guatemalan chicken bus, is a colorful, black-smoked, black cancerous caravan full of villagers traveling to and from work. I have met a few travelers who said they would like to use the chicken bus for ‘experience’ to feel like a local. Okay, let’s get to each other better. Just be aware that you may have to change buses frequently due to route or problem with the engine. Traveling on paper takes 1 hour, can take 4 hours, the bus is hot, narrow, not reliable, and can sometimes be a robbery-y. However, if this is a trip you want to do … go.

Tuk tuks on the streets of Guinea flores.

10. Luxury car
Normal buses are available in Guatemala. You can take these buses from Antigua to Flores and from Antigua to El Salvador. They really hit and