Doi Monok “mountain head Sing” of Akkoi.

Go to conquer the “Doi Mong” to say? For those who have not been to the recommended.

>> If the green pasture to the end of the year.
>> If you like golden pastures to the early years.

We went for a trip. The price of each trip is different, try to find many. I have to go to the monkey to see it.) Because of the convenience because of the way to go. And to the trip. There are differences.

>> Joy trip: pay more expensive, but comfortable to manage all the issues. Worth the effort to walk into the area. I will have time to collect the views. Watch the sunrise and sunset for as long as you want and so much more.

>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I’m not sure what that means All that matters is the story. Contact Us Contact Officer of the Porter Contact us to pay for the service, we have to split the time to spread the tent, rice and so on, so the time to take photos to keep the atmosphere is not worth the effort to walk. (This is the convenience of each one.)

Before the conquest, it is required to apply for permission >> At the wildlife sanctuary,
Service charge >> Adult 20 Baht >> 10 Baht (excluding other expenses)
The head of the forest. Including a point of the car, point bath, eating spots (some groups stop at the village shop. Or any other service point.) And can contact the unit to help prepare for the porter. And four-wheel drive.

Getting to the Point >> From the Visitor Center I need to drive a four-wheel drive. (Torture is very good during the ride as a warm-up warmth legs in the legs), about 16 kilometers


From the footsteps to the tent. >> The distance of about 4 km takes about 3-4 hours (slow speed depending on the pace of each person).