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Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend
Traveling and exercising is a concept that is unlikely to be complicated and it’s possible that I’ve become a travel mindset for fitness. Yes … See what I’m doing there. Called multitasking and results … Runs the Disney activity. One month ago, I had the chance to join the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend and this is how we do.

Why Marathon Half Marathon Princess? Well, because that’s it. It’s a last operation, wrong. Run for the princess, she will celebrate their fitness every weekend. How to celebrate more than 25,000 other princesses.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Starts

Fit for a Princess Expo
This is where you get the wedding of the Princess Half Marathon Racing T-Shirt. So, naturally, I arrived at 11:00 am, pushing my family into the line of RunDisney merch (the line that led to the race). Big stage because there are so many merchandise) and made my way to the bibs. I hope they will open the show no later than 11:30 am (coming soon) so that I can quickly pop. Will get the race My bibbler before reuniting with my family at the hunger game … I mean … building merch at 11:20, people began to slowly shift each other, careful not to cross the tape line on the floor. Oh, the gentleness of all of it … that I picked up was that. I have typed my home wavier, so I was able to walk slowly, spot A Corral, grab my bib, get my picture taken and leave. I bend myself while heading to the building where my family is waiting to buy Poole, a half-year-old princess marathon. Prof.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Fit for Princess Show

At the merch building was Cinderella’s car and there was a pole for photo opps. I decided to skip this picture because of the growing line. I went into the building and looked at the signal. I thought I might get this now while my family is still waiting in line for the launch of “Hunger Games”.

I call it a hunger game, because during the weekend of Wine and Dine, the weekend of marathon, I saw a real jump in volunteers and workers to handle all sorts of products …! I can not even build a human hand chain with my family because other people are pushing hard. Oh … and the poor who keep the vintage glasses will have empty boxes before going forward. 3 Steps It’s brutal

I was ordered to pick up a pickup area when I realized that … it was in the merch … just outside the line. I ask the worker what to do if I walk to the goods after picking up the stuff … she says no … I look again … there is no separate area … yes, the right woman I grabbed my pins and my jacket that I ordered in advance and went straight to the Pandora line. Sorry, the Internet of Disney Run.

Half Marathon Princess

I’m glad I went straight to the Pandora line because the fighters wanted Pandora, Alex and Ani bracelets, and Dooney and Bourke merchandise were in the same line! This is an organization error! The demand for these items is great so every 5 minutes is delayed to receive an additional half hour or more. Wait for your product supply. I hope they fix this problem because the line is such a point that I have seen the first mistake about my shopping each day. I found my family picking up my favorite item, and with the Alex and Ani bracelets in hand (they were pretty) I went shopping for an hour to pick up all the Disney Princess Half Marathon merch items I needed. I give my girlfriend a birthday present. Eat it in the waiting line for one hour. Fit for a Princess Expo is meant for 3 teams.

Princess Haf Marathon

At the same time, we went to the Fit for a Princess wedo where we were greeted by D.J. This place provides everything and what runners may want. (Or need) Yes, everything you can imagine is available. From good running shoes, running shoes, gel, sparkling skirts, uncompressed socks.