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We’re adding another big name destination to our gay guide and Ibiza! We’ve included some of the island’s most popular guides in this guide to give you all you need to know as an LGBT traveler to Ibiza. You can also download 50 free European travel guides. Also find out about Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Paris, Porto and Athens. We threw advice to Tel Aviv as a bonus to both the popularity among LGBT travelers and the proximity to Europe.

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Ibiza is one of the four Balearic Islands in Spain, and the most popular of these small isles in the Mediterranean is very gay and leads to a wide range of people. Whether you are visiting the infamous nightlife or spending a little time while sunbaking on the beautiful beach, or maybe just a little, Ibiza will not disappoint. In addition to the clubs and beaches, Ibiza is also well-known in the historic center of the city, where the old city wall continues to stand uninterrupted, breathtaking Mediterranean cuisine and unforgettable annual events.

General Tips
Staying at Ibiza Town is probably your best bet as most of the sights and attractions are in the middle. If you want to avoid crowds during the summer with the same breeding, consider going to Ibiza in the winter when the tour is reduced and this island becomes a quiet, peaceful place. For a trip away from the chaos of Ibiza, visit the Fornige Island, a peaceful place and scenic beaches. A 20-minute drive west of Ibiza is where you will be. Meet with San Antonio (called Sant Antoni in Catalan), another big island on the island, and you’ll find younger, typically 20-year-old Britons on holiday. Budget Package The official language of Ibiza is Catalan. (Eg, Barcelona), but everyone speaks Spanish and English as well.

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Transportation and Air Transport
For small islands, Ibiza can be unpredictably scattered to rent a car or motorbike. If you are in Ibiza, you may not be able to rent a car. In the end, you will have to take a taxi while traveling, so that you will have a budget to travel. Traveling from one city to another can cost about 30 Euros in a taxi. The city is quite walkable and do not have to cross. When arriving from the airport, there are several bus lines to where you go, at a cost of about 4 euros. Line 10 connects the airport to Ibiza Town and line 9 connects the airport to Sant Antoni and Sant Josep. Luxury life