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Another trip to Surin. This is a long weekend, but it’s a long weekend, but I wanted to go. What are you afraid of? Experience and new friends every time I stepped on a paddle that leaves.

Take a long way to Bangkok to Surin 571 km. This trip changed from plane to ride together because we are going to visit several places. Sleep a little to the kitchen.

I eat lunch here. Kitchen water atmosphere atmosphere water dam Lam Ta Khong look to feel the chill. Shady tree The weather is hot, but when I go to eat here, it’s not hot when I’m in the car.

Because the trees are so cool. Here are some of the resort’s recent additions. The restaurant is open for 30 years, the people here are very popular this restaurant is known as the old restaurant of this line that it is. This is a very good meal to eat. I will sleep on the car.

Waters Country Home Resort & Kitchen Waters
Coordinates 109/1, Nong Sarai, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima.
Call 0-4431-6666, 0-4431-6800, 0-4431-4543, 0-4431-5635.

Head to Surin at the next point, heading to the silverware shop. Uncle the ancient silverware. Province of Surin

Visit the ancient silverware here. And more importantly, I want to shop lightly. Intends to buy a ring And the arms at home. This is a community enterprise. The silverware of the village silver silver jewelry.
The distinction is unique to the ancient process. The original style of this piece of silver is the lace pattern of the spear, it is hard to find.

If anyone loves silverware, earrings, necklaces, earrings and rings, then I have to stop here. The price is still not strong. I bought 2 rings and earned a silver medal for playing with it.

Uncle the ancient silverware.
Coordinates Ban Khun Moo 3, Khwao Sinarin Province of Surin
Call 089-0436794 (Brother Mag)
FB: Uncle Lucifer Ancient Silverware

Traveling all day, stop by for dinner and enjoy cool drinks and refreshments. Just chill out in Surin, just a little Café. The cafe is lovely. We came to the dark, it was rainy.

Oh, the atmosphere is cool tonight. Inside the shop, there is a zone inside the air room and out door zone outside the garden. Both food and sweets, sweets and bakeries. I choose to eat a lot. The food looks good, so it is right in front of the table until I do not know what to eat before.

Many menus are easy to eat, and then another. I do not want to see it. The real fisherman. I want to come to you. This is a delicious dish. Squid Another dish is the pork ribs.

I do not want to eat spicy food to pound corn. Pork ribs with fish sauce, lemon ink

The menu includes a selection of cocoa mint, coffee, cola, black tea, double shock. I’m so sorry When I say that, I want to cry again.

I do not know what to do. The night is lovely. The day is bright, lovely love. I do not know what to do. Who to visit the elephant. Surin will be the coordinates of the province.

Just a little Café
Coordinates 6/3 Suriyakan Rd., Muang, Surin
Call 044 530 877

Stay at Sorin Hotel The hotel is new. If you are going to stay somewhere else, you will be scared, but this is not a new hotel. The bathroom is a lot of space. I would walk to the dressing room would be like a girl who likes to go to the bathroom to dress up.

We are still in Surin last night, sleeping full force. Today we will be up. Let’s go to the parking lot here. Breakfast at the hotel is complete, then continue to travel to do not waste.

Journey to Hommali Rice Jasmine Rice Factory was originally a rice mill. Exported to the province of Surin. But today was the idea of ​​a daughter. Son to grow up again. A coffee shop in Jasmine style, I started it.

The coffee shop is located right in front of the mill, where you do not have to tease. Tea is here, it is a tea that is different from the other brown rice with jasmine green tea. It will smell green tea and aromatic rice. Of course.
I do not have to try it. Green tea has a smell of rice stick out. It’s the signature here. I like the tea is not very sweet, fragrant good. But if anyone likes sweet, then order Barista has it. The menu is soft algae, spinning, not algae, flavored color.

At Hommali Factory, I use it live. Spinning out Delicious, not very sweet, the taste is good. This menu is to me. In the coffee shop, it will be placed. Rice from the factory here. And put the souvenirs to buy it home. Enjoy the cool drink to be relieved. Spinning wheel

Go to the center of the elephant village. To see the way people live with elephants. It is said that this is an elephant village. The largest in the world, Surin.

I will not see the elephant to see the elephant house, it is the 555. Here is the center of the Elephant Member from here, it is also a place where visitors can walk the way of life of the Elephant Brother elephant.

Also see the ties between people in the community and elephants in this center. The elephant around the elephant around 30 minutes, it costs about 150 baht per person.

The mahout is a man and riding with us. If you do not ride elephants, take elephants around the center. It also has elephant riding. The elephant carrying the car in this review was taken at 50 baht per person in.

Performances at the elephant camps are centered around the school every day. (If any friend wants to see the elephant show)
Divided into 2 rounds
Morning session 10.00

Surin Elephant Village Education Center
Coordinates between 9 and 13 Ban Ta Klang, Tambon Khapo, Tha Tum District, Surin Province.
Call 0-4414-5050.
TAT Surin Office Tel. 0-4451-4447-8
Opening Hours: 07.30 – 17.00 (open daily)

Nurse and elephant The elephant then. We do not get tired. Go to sleep. Continue to Chomphra (distance 17 km).

Saotom Farm is known as the word that SaTom is the language of the indigenous people or Kui in Surin, which means that rice is located along the river. Learn organic farming. Here is the car I have to wow. Wow, many wow. 555

This is the place. The rice field is very bright green. Take a look at the rice wine sipping wine testing at Santorium invented a variety of local flavors to taste. Looking forward to being fresh, I want to stay here for a night.

This is not just a funny farm, it is now he has moved to a homestay cute and have to do another activity. There is a kayak on the back of the house. And to dive into friends to try. Sow the rice really. This is a great place to visit.

In this hand is to see a variety of varieties of rice here. Currently, the organic farm has developed into. Community enterprises and organic rice farmers grouping, focusing on local rice, healthy rice. As well.

At this lunch time, food may look plain. It is very nice to eat. I have to say that delicious with Nana. I also like to sit around eating at home anyway. If you have a chance to go through this line, I will visit here and love it.

Coordinates: Organic Farm 174, Lee Town, Chomphra, Surin
Tel: 061-165-1848, 089-474-0199

From Farm Sanctuary Farm, go to Sradditchaya School, Farmer’s Project, Kasetsart University.
Distance 63 km. View the two sides of the beautiful way to enjoy it. I’m listening to music chill out looking good outside the car window.
I have to say that I am a good guy. The design here is harmonious with the farm. Surin: Oh, this is Green Field Blue Sky.

Ziyadat Yiyras is Khmer language, meaning that Nazarenes, Athitaya means the goddess of gods. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn To give Special Projects in Royal Initiatives The Agricultural Learning Center at Amphoe Tha Chang, Surin

It is a learning place and a place to surf. Agriculture. There is an exhibition of knowledge about rice. I have to test it, but I have to contact the staff before traveling. And seed production.

This is known as a source of knowledge. And innovation is beneficial to farmers, Thai people are very good here. But if you are interested, I would like to visit a visit to me.

Anyone who wants to experiment or get knowledge of agriculture must contact the staff. This will have many products. With a coffee shop. To serve the public, tourists and farmers, as well as young people to study to learn and take to work really well.

The atmosphere of Saree Athit green lush gorgeous beautiful eyes really good. But the day I came across the rain, I do not see much to see. I will take a look around in the rain if not to take photos to leave it to me.

The coordinates are located in the reservoir of Amphoe Tensai, Amphur Muang Surin.
Opening Hours: 08.00 am – 6.00 pm (Open daily except public holidays)
Inquiries: 088-272-5771

The last day with the third day before the vampire back to the city. Visit to another place at Mulberry House, Surin. Here is a learning center with a community of people. We also sell antique silk clothes bag. Woven fabric Mudmee silk The local fabric of the ancient Thai people. I have come here to have all the fabric. Beautiful pattern I will do it here.

Here are the whole house available. And the room to watch the fabric. Walk to see my eyes. I have many in the house that is for those who are interested in shopping. There are also silk products, weaving and coloring processes. The unique of silk Surin.

The silk business is a complete one. Read the review and love the silk mulberry. Visit it here to see it like a striped dress to cut or dress. Sure Walking to see the fabric to see it. The Thai is beautiful and beautiful eyes to see that it really is!
Before leaving, he had Malbork water. Freshly made from the farm here to taste. Cool delicious Not too sweet. In addition to the tasting, I ask you to make the mulberry juice is my own selling it.

Coordinates with the house, Rattana, Rattana, Tambon Na Bua, Amphoe Mueang Surin.
Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00
Call 044 511 348

Trip summary
– Kitchen Pak Chong
– Uncle Silver Souvenir House, Kauai, Surin
– Just a little Café, Surin
– Sorin Boutique Hotel, Surin

– Hommali Factory Surin
– Elephant Village Education Center, Surin
– Sanook Farm Surin
– Sathorn, Surin

– Mulberry leaves, Surin
– Departure to Bangkok

Surin in other corners that have not seen it yet to see it. I do not know the name, but I’m not allergic to the famous place. It also has a traditional traditional way of life in the city can not see it. If you like the culture and the local track that has been touched by yourself, you will be able to access the adventurous page that will take you through the Thai culture in the next trip. In the next trip to the East.