Penang … beautiful city, rich, charming, walk alone

What’s the difference?
Is the voice of heaven in the office. This is why this trip.
The period we plan to go is December. But the rain was fierce.
Flood of southern Thailand We are afraid that our trip will be over.
But the rain is the heart. Open the way to the gibbons to surf the world.

Day I
Tune Hotel 2-3 hours, shower brush 555
A 10-minute walk from the Komtar.
The Tune Hotel is located on Jalan Burma, one-way street. The car runs from left to right. The journey to Komtar is to walk back. Then turn right at Jalan Penang to find Komtar walk and Komtar building on the left.
• Kek Lok Si Temple offers 203 or 204 fare seats (2RM)
• Go to Penang Hill – From Kek Lok Si Temple, take the 204 bus line from front temple to Penang Hill. Car Fee (1.4 RM)
• Return Line 204 to Komtar Building (2RM)
Then when you reach the Komtar Building, turn into Bus 101 to get to Gurney Plaza (1.4 RM).
• Get back at Gurney Plaza and walk straight to the intersection, take the bus stop, take the 101 bus back to the same place, back to Tune Hotel.
Plan B
• From the Penung hill back to Line 204, go to GAMA Supermarket, find the food and walk back to Tune Hotel.

Day II
Wake up to the brush 55 to eat at the hotel. Old town opposite the hotel, there is a street tattoo shop in street art.
• Gorge town
Take the CAT. Take a bus from the Tune Hotel. The nearest bus stop is CAT 11, where the bus passes through the sign. Jetty This route passes through many landmark sites, such as Little India, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, St. George’s Church, Ford Coenwallis, Town Hall and Clocktower. >
Tips: How to find the bus stop number 11 is walking back from the front of the hotel Tune two blocks to find Jalan Transfer on the left turn left 50 meters to find the bus stop opposite the police station.
• Hokkien Mee at Chew Jetty, Dock, Lok Lok
• Walking Street Art Photography
• If you are tired of going back to the hotel If not, then find a walk to eat.
• Go to Gurny Drive, take bus 103 or 101 on the left. If you see a Thai pagoda, press the buzzer on the right hand side. Walk into the mall across the seashore. Turn left and continue for about 50 meters.


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